In July 2008, CS decided to release Orekit – whose development had been started internally in 2002 – under the Apache v2.0 license. Ten years later, Orekit provides an amazing collection of algorithms and features. The library has acquired an international reputation and is massively adopted by a lot of major industrial and scientific players of the spatial sector which use it in operational systems. Today, Orekit is:

  • 166 000 lines of code
  • 2 800 unit tests, covering 96% of instructions
  • 36 000 pages viewed per month
  • 630 downloads per month
  • 3 external committers and a lot of one-time contributors
  • 8 entities represented in its project management committee
  • a valued and growing community

Through Hipparchus, Rugged and Stavor, a promising ecosystem is born, and some nice features and projects are under way.

☀ ☀ Happy birthday Orekit! ☀ ☀

Pierre Bornuat

Products Manager in CS Group Space Business Unit


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