CS GROUP teams have gained significant experience in developing customized and FFP (fixed-firm price) Flight Dynamics Dynamics applications based on Orekit and other Flight Dynamics libraries.

For more than 15 years, CS GROUP has been developing critical systems and complex Flight Dynamics satellites projects using OREKIT.

OREKIT was used in an operational context to validate the final approach of ATV-1 (Jules Verne) automated vehicle towards the ISS (International Space Station).

CS GROUP also developed all the Flight Dynamics features for the ESA’Space Debris Movie 2017 (Space Debris – A Journey to Earth – © ESA – Credit: ESA/ID&Sense/ONiRiXEL, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO )

More recently, CS GROUP is in charge of several critical developments and operations using OREKIT:

  • Development of NEOSAT Flight Dynamics System (New Generation Geosationnary platform using electrical propulsion) for Thalès Alenia Space.
  • Development & Validation of EGNOS V3 PCF (Prediction Chain Facility) where OREKIT is used for Orbit Propagation for Airbus Defense & Space (ESA is end-customer).
  • Development & Operation of the French Defense Surveillance Systems (SIS), using OREKIT for Flight Dynamics and collision risks.
  • Maintenance of EUMETSAT Flight Dynamics System (with OREKIT as core of the main functionalities).
  • Development of ANGELS (1st French industrial nanosatellite) Flight dynamics functionalities using OREKIT for CNES.

OREKIT is currently one of the main tools used for the development of cubesats and constellations Flight Dynamics Systems.