Version 10.2 is a minor release of Orekit, which has been released July 15, 2020.

Main changes in 10.2 are:

  • Support for CCSDS ADM files
  • Trajectories around Lagrangian point using CR3BP model
  • Time span drag force model
  • Time span tropospheric model
  • Estimated ionospheric model
  • Improved phase measurement
  • Several bug fixes for date functionalities
  • Configurable low thrust maneuver model based on detectors
  • Support for CSSI space weather data
  • New organization of the maneuvers package

This version depends on Hipparchus 1.7.

This new version includes contributions from Exotrail, concerning maneuver models. Thanks to our colleagues from Exotrail!

Pierre Bornuat

Products Manager in CS Group Space Business Unit