The Orekit Day 2019 took place in Darmstadt (Germany) on May 23rd and CS Group is very happy that this second edition was a great success. Sixty persons from the Orekit community, from space agencies, IT companies and universities / engineering schools have attended this symposium. Nine presentations, which you can find on the Orekit Web site, have reached a very high-level of quality, and stimulated lots of very fruitful exchanges on technical topics as well as on organization topics.

We have had evidence that:

  • Orekit is widely-used,
  • is considered as very efficient by its users,
  • benefits from its living community
  • and is enriched by its contributors / developers for the benefit of all.

After this event, we are even more convinced that the Open Source approach with a shared governance is a great way to produce very high-quality software, and we encourage everybody to make Orekit evolve thanks to questions, scope enhancement suggestions or contributions.

Thanks again to all presenters and participants! And hope to see you all at the next Orekit Day!

The Orekit Day organization committee.

Pierre Bornuat

Products Manager in CS Group Space Business Unit