CS GROUP teams have brought their expertise to many customers in the space domain for more than 35 years, in particular in the field of flight dynamics.

Since 2002, CS GROUP has developed Orekit, a low level space dynamics library written in Java. In 2008, CS GROUP has decided to continue developing it as an open-source project. The Orekit community is now in charge of improving and developing Orekit, under the authority of its PMC (Project Management Committee).

CS GROUP has continously been a very active sponsor of Orekit, and is fully engaged in developing it, currently and in the future. As a result, along its development history, Orekit has become a library which offers a set of basic functions as well as “turnkey” concepts meeting advanced operational needs.

This site is dedicated to describing all products and services CS GROUP has built on top of Orekit, which aim at providing you with all support requests you might have.